Member of BLRT Grupp

Information for contractual work tenderers

Companies, members of the BLRT Group concern shall sign the tender contract upon approval of organization-contractor by means of questionnaire

The objective of approval – to receive a complete information about reliability of the  contractor and his capacity to realize  determined works in the necessary profile

It is possible to become familiar with the questionnaire and with the list of mandatory documents in the Questionnaire for Contract Applicant RUS, ENG, EST

Applicants, participating in tender, must dispatch the filled Questionnaire  and documents mentioned in it together with an offer  or during the tendering process but not later than after 1 working day after revealing the information about the end of the tender and notifying the applicant about his win

Notification about the results of examination of the documents, submitted for approval, shall be dispatched to the applicant within 3 working days.