Member of BLRT Grupp


The history of the company ELME starts from 1993 when the company called ELME was entered to the Commercial Registry.

In 1993 the task of ELME was the supplying of the Baltic Ship Repair Yard – BLRT (the current name BLRT Grupp) with different types of energy and technical gases, but also the organisation of repairs and maintenance of equipment.

In April 1994 the machinery construction complex Taglas was merged with the company ELME.

In 1994 AS ELME dealt with the development of sales of technical and medical gases in Estonia. Successful activities took us to that in 1999 the joint company ELME MESSER Gaas, was established which has a successful position at the market of the Baltic countries at the moment.

Since January 1996 AS ELME actively dealt with the sale of metal , later the company ELME Metall, was established which has today become the leader in metal sales in Estonia. Metal is successfully sold also in Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad oblast (Russia).

The company ELME Trans was established on the basis of BLRT transport workshop. The company belongs to the Estonian association of international transport. ELME Trans has made a good name for itself at the transport market which is proven by the years long work on the lines Stockholm-Tallinn-Moscow and Oslo-Tallinn-Moscow.

The staff of engineering industry became the company BLRT Masinaehitus, which has clients far from the borders of Estonia. The company has the foundry where the production, hot-zincing and mechanical treatment of forging is dealt with.

The independent company ELME TKS was established on the basis of the former laboratories of BLRT. This company has its own specialised market where it successfully operates.

ELME structures currently involve more than 700 employees.

Several subsidiaries of ELME have been registered in Lithuania, Latvia and Kaliningrad and all of them have preserved the word ELME in their name.

20 years is not an especially long period in the history, but this is a long time in business. One major plus is the strong team who has strived for the set objectives. This is where the success of ELME lies in.