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BLRT Grupp building hull of research vessel for Faroe Islands

The Western Baltija Shipbuilding shipyard of BLRT Grupp in Klaipeda, Lithuania is building the hull of a research vessel for Faroe Islands. The keel of the vessel was laid in September.

Representatives of both the commissioners - MEST Shipyard company group - and the future owners of the vessel - the Faroe Marine Research Institute - participated in the symbolic keel-laying ceremony.

“We celebrate the keel-laying of research vessel that will help explore oceans and preserve fish stocks for future generations – for our children and grandchildren. Every citizen of the Faroe Islands follows the vessel construction process. This project is of key importance to everyone – both the population and Government representatives,” said Eilif Gaard, director of the Faroe Marine Research Institute.

„We have chosen WBS to build the vessel because this shipbuilding company is one of the best, with its many years of experience in the implementation of ship hull construction projects, great reputation, and reliability,” commented Mouritz Mohr, the manager of the shipbuilder MEST Shipyard. 

Western Baltija Shipbuilding signed a contract with MEST Shipyard for the building and partial fitting out of the hull of the research vessel, which is 54 metres long and 13.6 metres wide, in February 2018. It is planned to use approximately 800 tons of steel for the building of the hull of the research vessel and approximately 40 tons of aluminium will be used for the building of the superstructure. In addition, the piping and other equipment, such as motors, generators, and steering gears, will be installed. The project is scheduled for completion before the summer of 2019, and then the hull will be transported to the Faroe Islands for final works.

The vessel built under the commission of the Faroe Islands Government will be used for fishery and research works at sea. It will meet Silent-R noise requirements. Moreover, it will have to conform to Class C Ice criteria.

Western Baltija Shipbuilding already has experience with the construction of research vessels. Almost four years ago, vessel Mintis distinguished by its multifunctional marine research possibilities was completed and delivered to the Klaipėda University. Construction of each research vessel is extremely difficult, because it requires the installation of large quantities of equipment.

Additional information:

MEST Shipyard is a group of four companies, the oldest of which dates back to 1898. It is a company of deeply rooted tradition and huge experience, passing its expertise and values from generation to generation.