Member of BLRT Grupp

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure visited BLRT Grupp

On 30 March Kristen Michal, Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, visited industrial concern BLRT Grupp. During the visit minister became acquainted with the ship-repair yard, machine-building enterprise, foundry, which is unique in Estonia, and with a company, manufacturing metal constructions for the gas and oil industry and infrastructural projects. 

During the conversation administration of BLRT Grupp informed the Minister about the steps taken in order to maintain the competitiveness and export potential of the concern in the actual conditions and also about investments policy in the Baltic countries.

According to minister, BLRT Grupp is one of the flagship of Estonian’s industry. “The key to success of the company, having such a long-lasting and respectable history, lies in the continuous advance and investments into the new technologies aiming on improvement of production quality and in order to remain competitive in the unsteady markets.  BLRT Grupp as an active employer is a strong partner of the State, providing ideas for improvement of the economic climate. And during this meeting we obtained quite many interesting ideas and we intend to continue the similar communication hereafter», - said the Minister.

In spite of difficult economic situation and instability of the markets, concern continues development, constantly working on perfection of the concern’s management structure and increasing of efficiency. According to Igor Kond, the member of the Board of BLRT Grupp, ”During the last five years concern invested around 140 millions of euros and this sum is without counting investments of joint companies. The service center in Maardu was reconstructed, the factories, producing industrial gases in Vaivara and Järvakandi, were constructed, in this year the biggest and the most modern in the Baltic States gas filling plant will be launched in Riga. Large-scale projects are scheduled for the next two-three years, among these – development of infrastructure and suprastructure jointly with the Klaipeda State Seaport in Lithuania, where the investment costs will constitute more than 100 millions of euros”.

BLRT Grupp is one of the biggest industrial concerns in the Baltic Sea region, uniting 57 enterprises and acting in seven countries.