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Thursday, 19 June 2014

ELME continues to work with ESAB

Following the tender conducted this April, there was concluded a contract with ESAB Company for basic welding consumables supply. ELME and ESAB have been partners for four years already.

The main welding materials used to work with carbon steels include rutile cored wire (1.2 mm diameter), reference electrodes 3.2 mm and 4.0 mm in diameter and solid wire. The latter is used mainly by the enterprise BLRT Masinaehitus. Welding materials are used at almost every manufacturing enterprise of BLRT Grupp.

The offers submitted by the firms participating in the tender were evaluated according to the following criteria: price, supplied products quality, product and service range, as well as payment terms and flexible approach to logistics and supply.

“The peculiarity of our company is that conducting a tender we order products both for Estonia and Lithuania. Therefore, it is important that the supplier be able to deliver products to different countries in the manner convenient for our businesses”, said Alexei Kvashnin, Head of Procurement Department at ELME. “ESAB Company not only proved to be a reliable partner in the previous years, but also offered the optimal logistics solution for deliveries”.

Five well-known manufacturers participated in the tender: ESAB Sverige, Lincoln Electric, Hyundai Welding, Böhler Welding Nordic, Kobelco Welding. The tender for basic welding materials procurement is announced every year.