Member of BLRT Grupp

Technical Service

The technical service centre is the subunit belonging to the structure of AS ELME.

The service was established for carrying out the complex technical service of technological and communication means of the subunits of the group AS BLRT Grupp.

The number of works to be performed increases with the number of companies to be serviced. Today not only the companies belonging to the group, but also the ones which are not belonging to BLRT Group are serviced.

The service employs more than 70 production workers and 15 engineer-technical workers.

For many years, the company’s main area of expertise has been the repair of different fuel transfer pumps for fuel terminals, namely VOPAK E.O.S LTD, VESTA TERMINAL TALLINN OÜ, ALEXELA SILLAMÄE AS.

The service has the licence for the activity requiring experienced, qualified employees and material base for the maintenance, repairs and mounting of portal, mast and gantry cranes and modernization of the electrical parts of the above mentioned cranes.

We have performed the mounting of the following cranes:

  • The Russian as well as KONECRANES and STAHL mast cranes of different lifting capacity 48 pcs. In 2004 the mounting and launching of the KONECRANES mast crane with the lifting capacity of 100 tons was carried out in Estonia for the first time.
  • Gantry cranes with different lifting capacity.
  • Portal cranes with the lifting capacity of up to 32 tons.

We carry out the modernization of the electrical part of every type of cranes – reswitching of the cranes from the “floor“ to the management, modernization of the overhead ropes, transfer to the inverter management with drive.

We also carry out the repairs and maintenance of the mechanisms with the above mentioned lifting capacity.