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ELME AS offers wide range of high-quality zinc, aluminum, magnesium anodes manufactured by the company IMPALLOY.

We guarantee a prompt delivery of anodes from warehouses in Lithuania (Klaipeda), Estonia (Tallinn) and from a warehouse of the manufacturer.

All products are certified by the classification society DNV. At the request of a customer, it is possible to certify products by other classification societies.

In addition to the standard range of products, it is possible to manufacture customized anodes.

Cathodic protection is effective for protection of steel immersed in seawater.

Ship hulls have cathodic protection from corrosion. Internal surfaces of cargo and ballast tanks of oil-carrying vessels are also equipped with it because seawater is used as a ballast.

It should be noted that the tank bottoms protection from underground corrosion is highly effective.

It is recommended to use cathodic protection for pipelines laid in the grounds of high corrosion importance in the areas of harmful impact of stray currents and in the grounds where corrosion damage of the outer surface of the pipe was found.

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