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ELME AS offers OK-abrasive grit produced by Sibelco Nordic Oy Ab.

ОK-abrasive grit – this is abrasive powder received from granulated slag of nickel production (New Boliden Harjavalta (FIN)) and which is used for blasting of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, for removal of scale, rust, old paint layers, dirt etc. Used to achieve the following levels of cleanliness: SA-3, SA-2,5 и SA-2 (ISO 8501-1).

The cleaning with OK-abrasive grit is the most up-to-date method to clean these surfaces, in case of which the use of abrasive as the cleansing agent damages people and environment the least. OK-abrasive powder complies with the strictest standards of occupational health and safety and ecological standards.

Size of the blade

  • OK-100 0,8-2,5 mm
  • OK-85  0,3-2,5 mm
  • OK-70  _-_ mm
  • OK-55  _-_ mm

ELME AS guarantees the operative delivery of OK-abrasive grit from the warehouses located in Lithuania (Klaipeda), Estonia (Tallinn), but also from the producer’s warehouses.
The warehouse has constant stock of the product with the following sizes of blade: OK-85 (up to 100 t) and OK-100 (up to 300 t).

ОK-abrasive grit have been packed to the durable polypropylen bags (big-bag) with handles with the capacity of 1 t (standard) or 1.5 t (special order). All such bags have been made with polyethylen additive which gives additional protection to the abrasive in transporting and storing.

The smaller OK-abrasive grit (OK-55, OK-70) guarantee very high speed of cleaning and enable to get the finer surface profile. Due to this property this is suitable for use on new steel surfaces covered only with mill scale or light rust.

Very dirty and corroded surface (several paint layers, thick rust and sedimentary layer) is very complicated to be cleaned with fine-blade abrasive. In this case the cleaning works take a lot of time and too much abrasive is used. Therefore the large-blade abrasive (ОК-100, ОК-85) is recommended to be used in these cases.

Besides iron and steel, the different forms of corrosion also have an impact on other materials. Therefore pressure cleaning is carried out with the help of OK-abrasive grit not only on metal, but also concrete and stone surfaces (monuments, facades of the buildings etc.).

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