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Abicor Binzel

ELME AS provides the complete selection of welding guns and their accessories produced by ABICOR BINZEL.

abicor binzel

The trademark ABICOR BINZEL represents the superiority and progress of the world of welding and cutting equipment for ages, is deservedly the trend dictator in the production of accessories of welding equipment. ABICOR BINZEL provides a solution for every task set by you and gives a high-quality product to your disposal which complies with your most peculiar requirements.

About production programme:

  • MIG/MAG, WIG/TIG welding torches with both gas and liquid cooling for manual and automated welding;
  • Plasma cutters with both air and liquid cooling for manual and automated cutting;
  • Robot peripheral systems;
  • Electrode holders for the manual metal arc welding and for processing with graphite electrode;
  • Complete selection of necessary materials and other accessories required for welding.