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Lincoln Electric

ELME AS provides the complete selection of the welding equipment and their accessories produced by Lincoln Electric.

Lincoln Electric is the leader among the world’s producers of welding equipment and provides ready solutions for the different welding processes.

lincoln electric

The equipment of Lincoln Electric is produced on the basis of the most up-to-date technologies for the different welding processes:

  • MMAW – Manual Metal Arc Welding
  • GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • GMAW – Gas Metal Arc Welding)
  • SAW – Submerge Arc Welding

The list of services provided by AS ELME includes the mounting, connecting and launching of the equipment of Lincoln Electric, training of employees, but also the technical maintenance and repairs during both the guarantee and post-guarantee period.

The product catalogue can be seen here.


Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)


In case of this method the electrical arc is created between the meltable and weldable material of the electrode. As a result the melting of the edge of the material of the electrode takes place. Pursuant to melting the weldable material and electrode are mixed and after cooling the firm connection is established. Electrode has been made of the same material as the weldable material. The cover of the electrode can be acidic, rutile, alkaline, cellulose or mixture. During welding the protection room and slag will be established around the arc which protects the welded joints.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

Welding based on Mig/Mag method in the environment of protective gas


In MIG/MAG welding (or GMAW) the electric arc is formed between the weldable material and welding wire in the environment of protective gas. Protective gas could be inert (argon Ar), active (CO2) or their mixture (Ar +CO2). The wire is transferred through the torch with the help of the feeding mechanism up to the welding pool. The uninterrupted wire (GMAW) and powder welding wire (FCAW-GS – welding with powder welding wire with gas screen) can be used when welding based on this method.

Welding with welding wire with automated protection (FCAW-SS)

fcaw ss

The welding with Innershield welding wire is carried out without using the protective gas. Innershield is the powder wire with automated protection (method FCAW-SS). The filling in the middle of the wire separates gas and slag during welding which protect the pool and hot heavy metal welding joint.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)


In case of gas tungsten arc welding the electric arc is established between the meltable and weldable material of the tungsten electrode. The weld pool is protected with the inert gas, usually with regular argon. For welding the edges of weldable details should be melted with arc or the extra wire should be used, by melting this in the electric arc and by filling the welding joint. The ignition of the arc is carried out in two ways: based on contact method – in touching the weldable material with tungsten electrode and thereafter its lifting to the height of some millimetres (Lift TIG), or based on non-contact method by using the high frequency ignition (HF TIG).

Welding current used:

  • direct current (DC) is used in case of most metals (steel/stainless steel);
  • alternating current (AC) is used for welding aluminium and other materials with hardly melting oxide surface.

Submerge Arc Welding (SAW)


The mechanism of submerge arc welding process (SAW): weldable material and welding wire are melted in the layer of flux. Flux protects the weld pool against the impacts of the outer environment and assembles heat. Melted flux separates and releases the melted metal when passing the weld pool, by forming the flux layer which covers the incurring joints. The welding in flux is the most productive process. The thickness of the weldable material could be 2 mm or thicker. It is possible to weld different types of steel from the non-alloy steel up to the highly alloyed ones, but also nickel alloys by applying the relevant technologies.

Welding could take place by using one feeding mechanism of the wire and one power source and also the combination consisting of several power sources and four-five wire feeding mechanisms. In the sector of submerge welding Lincoln Electric proudly provides a wide choice of equipment and welding materials which enable to achieve the high productivity and welding quality.