About us

About us

AS ELME is a supplier of high-quality goods and equipment, both for industry (welding consumables, zinc, abrasive powders, machines etc.) and for the marine industry (engines, propulsion systems, anchoring and mooring equipment etc.), and has customers across the Baltic States.

On top of being an industrial goods importer, the company is also known as a reliable supplier of all kinds of energy (electrical and thermal) and a dependable provider of communication services and process equipment and crane maintenance services.

The company’s success is evident in the steady growth of the number of its customers and turnover and the expansion of its supply programmes based on long-term investments in the quality of its services.

We are proud of what we do. But we rea most proud of our people — our most important asset. Our employees are a team motivated by you; they are always prepared to fulfil your orders and satisfy your requests, answer your questions quickly and competently and help you find the task-specific solution.

Our Mission

To our reckoning, a custom-tailored approach, the assurance of the highest quality, reasonable prices, alongside strict delivery discipline are the essence of a long-term and fruitful cooperation for all parties involved!

Our History

ELME’s history begins in December 1993, when a company called ELME was entered into the Estonian Commercial Register.

In 1993, ELME was responsible for supplying Baltic Ship Repair Yard (now known as BLRT Grupp) with various kinds of energy and industrial gases and for equipment repair and maintenance services engineering and management.

April 1994 was marked by a merger between ELME and Taglas, a machinery manufacturing facility.


In 1994, AS ELME was working on developing sales strategies and channels for industrial and medical gases in Estonia. In 1999, the efforts paid off with the establishment of ELME MESSER Gaas, a joint venture holding a very strong position in the Baltic market today.

Starting from January 1996, AS ELME was actively engaged in metal sales activities. That culminated in the establishment of ELME Metall, a company currently dominating the Estonian metal sales market. It is also among the top sellers of the Baltic States and Scandinavian markets.

Twenty-nine years in historical terms is not such a lengthy period, but it is quite such from the business standpoint. One of the significant advantages of AS ELME is the strong team working every angle to meet the goals. That is the secret of the ELME’s success.